Meet Senior Decision Makers From...

  • US Oil & Gas Majors
  • Leading Midstream Companies Operating In Both Dry And Wet Areas
  • Independent Oil & Gas Companies With Shale Gas Operations
  • Major Inter And Intrastate Pipeline Operators Transporting Marcellus Gas To Market
  • Key State And Local Government Regulators Involved In Permitting And Initiatives To Encourage Marcellus Development
  • Leading Technology And Service Providers
  • Key Marcellus Associations And Working Groups

With The Following Job Titles...

  • CEO
  • VP Operations
  • VP Government Relations
  • VP Commercial Development
  • VP Engineering
  • VP Appalachian Basin
  • VP Construction & Facilities Planning
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Gas Scheduling
  • VP Midstream Development
  • VP Eastern Operations
  • VP New Ventures
  • Director NGL Marketing
  • Director Gas Measurement
  • Technology Director
  • Director Health, Safety & Environment
  • Technical Engineers
  • Key Legal & Commercial Development Experts


  • Hardware & Technology Providers
  • Engineering, Planning & Construction Experts
  • Legal Services Providers
  • Associations & Academic Institutions


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As the volume of Shale Gas production from the Marcellus play continues to grow, the need for both a rapid infrastructure build out and to find local markets for Marcellus product is becoming more and more pertinent. Stakeholders will have to negotiate a number of challenges in terms of where, when and how to invest in infrastructure build out and strategies for managing high BTU content gas from ‘hot’ areas of the play, to maximize commercial gains from this great energy asset. Also, they will need to gain an in-depth understanding of the plans of infrastructure operators related to timelines for expanding takeaway capacity, gathering and processing facilities, as well as predictions surrounding the productivity of the Marcellus and how projected volumes will economically support investment well into the future. To do this, multiple stakeholders, including E&Ps, midstream companies, transmission pipeline operators, key regulators and end users will have to cooperate to link various parts of infrastructure and develop partnerships with government and industry to maximize the profitability of the play.

The Marcellus NGL & Shale Gas Infrastructure Development Initiative will be the first event to bring all these stakeholders together to discuss real solutions and strategies for coordinating efforts between parties and working with industry and regulators to get the much-needed infrastructure in place to take Marcellus Shale Gas and NGLs to market, at an optimal price.

E&Ps, Midstream companies, Inter and Intrastate Pipeline companies, Government Regulators and End Users alike, operating in various areas within the Marcellus and at different stages of infrastructure build-out, will come together to discuss strategic solutions for increasing capacity, overcoming regulatory obstacles, and identifying the viable outlets in support of Marcellus Ethane. They will be offering case studies, best practices and strategic approaches for quantifying the ROI of investing in infrastructure for the play and how this will drive a timeline for upgrades, explaining processes and requirements of regulatory reviews to expedite the permitting process, evaluating potential local markets for ethane and what steps are currently being taken to establish cracker facilities in the Marcellus. They will also be providing an insight into the plans of producers regarding production volumes and the processing of rich gas, as well as Midstream and Transmission plans to upgrade gathering, processing and takeaway capacity to maximize revenue for all parties involved.

The event will feature leading industry figureheads from:

  • E&Ps, Midstream and Transmission companies from areas throughout the Marcellus
  • Key Government Regulators, particularly those working within permitting
  • Industry End-Users of Marcellus product, including plastics companies and Petrochems

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